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Delicate Birch, Shepherd's Crag, Lake District

Shepherd's Crag in the Lake District is a wonderful place to explore - not only for the fabulous views towards Scafell and Skiddaw but also for its groves of silver birch trees clinging to the rocky crag. During late November I was drawn towards one particular tree which still held its golden leaves. As the light faded during the afternoon this tree made a wonderful contrast to the pastel tones of the branches and silvery trunks.  


Early Spring Snowfall, Matterdale, Lake District

Snowfall in the Lake District at the end of April is uncommon. It was on one of these days where the early Spring growth of the larch was unexpectedly covered by a blanket of white. During the midst of the snowfall - the falling snow quickly accumulated around the bases of the trunks and delicately clung to the fine branches.  It lasted a few brief hours and by late morning the larch was once again free of its cloak and looking forward to warmer days of the summer months.