Special edition, signed archival prints can be purchased by contacting me through this website. The quoted price includes postage and shipping to UK addresses.  (Postage can be organised to oversees addresses). Each print is produced using Archival Pigment Ink on Fine Art Paper which is 100% cotton, approximately 300grams in weight and pH neutral. The print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and is signed in pencil and numbered. Prints will have a 2 inch border which will allow for framing. Each print can be arranged to your specific requirements - it can be supplied mounted or alternatively left unmounted so you can choose one to compliment your chosen frame. 


My Special Edition Prints are available in 2 sizes:

8 x 6.5 inch signed print in a limited edition of 45               £45

11 x 14  inch signed print in a limited edition of 45                £75

If you are interested in other prints or sizes, I would be happy to advise and help. 

Limited Edition Framed Prints in editions of 10 or 15 are available through the Lime Gallery, near Settle, North Yorkshire. The prices for these range from £99 to £175 dependent on the size of the photograph. These framed prints are generally of a larger size and printed up to 15 x 18.5 inches. 


"Seen in isolation each one of these brilliant photographs might not win a prize, due to their quiet, understated quality. But seen as a whole, we see and understand the sensitivity, technical ability, and emotional depth of the photographer. Each image is an authentic response to the inspiration of a landscape in a very specific moment of time. They are not forced in any way, but each viewpoint is precisely and perfectly framed, ensuring that we (the viewers) share the photographer's sense of wonder at what lies before his camera. It is hard to think of a greater achievement in landscape photography. Finally, these are some of the best prints we have ever seen at the gallery. Printing is an art form in itself, and the balance Ross has achieved between the colour and tonal values is exquisite. Outstanding work that deserves recognition.      Joe Cornish ... (Gold Portfolio Award - Joe Cornish Galleries)

"Many thanks for the photo and for getting it to me so promptly it looks great. I know my mum will love it as she comes from the area."

"Thank you Ross, photo arrived safely and is as good as we hoped. We’re very grateful and I’m sure our friends will be delighted."